I am not used to spending that much time at home, as I am travelling a lot for my job. During quarantine I went a little overboard with my hobby output- but I guess I had to compensate the last years where I couldn’t find enough time for my hobbies.

When I took up knitting last year, I already found myself overambitious for starting with a Panda. I spiralled further since then and took up this crazy scarf pattern by Nancy Marchant.

Also there was the tiny seahorse pendant as a birthday gift, some knitted fish toys, adapted from a pattern by Kat from Just crafty enough and a weird dwarf from ImaginedLandscape’s mystery knit along (don’t ask- it’s as weird as it sounds.).

What I am not showing you is a large tree painting and familiy tree I made for my mothers birthday, a christening candle for my niece, so many socks (at least, also tiny ones!) and nine photo books with photographs of my trips to 19 different countries during the last decade.